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2014 Unicare Middle Autumn Festival “Bobing” Party

2019/03/08 14:14
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A wonderful ‘Bobing’ Party was held on the night September 5th, 2014 in order to celebrate the coming Chinese traditional Mid Autumn Festival and to enrich workers’ leisure life.

The general manage gave a brief speech at the party. He felt grateful to all workers who dedicate themselves to the development of the Quanzhou Unicare Hygiene Products Co. Ltd.. He also inspired all workers to endeavor to make their own dreams come true, have a clear career goals and continue to carry forward “no pain no gain” spirit. (In southern Fujian local dialect, we say "Win is to fight" and this spirit has a deep influence on all local people who are working hard in order to realize their dreams.)


The ‘Bobing’ party continued with a strong Minnan (southern Fujian) culture. Singer Miss Deng sang a wonderful song “Beautiful mind”, reflecting all Unicare workers’ anticipation of the future life. Ms Huang’s performance of Koto (Koto is a Chinese traditional musical instrument) and Mr Guo’s performance of shadowboxing won audience’s warm applause as well.

Finally, everyone enjoyed the traditional Minnan ‘Bobing’ game, throwing their dices hoping for the lucky dog at the end.

The ‘Bobing’ party not only enriched the leisure life of all workers, but good for the improvement of team cohesion and effectiveness. All the workers had an unforgettable night!