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Unicare Launches Its New Official Website

2019/03/08 12:01
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With increasing overseas sales in recent years, Quanzhou Unicare Hygiene Products Co. Ltd decided to upgrade its affiliated English website (www.chinaunicare.com) in order to serve its growing overseas clients in a more comprehensive way. The last upgrade was in 2013 with special space for your message.

Here are some of the new outstanding features:
1. News center: it will publish timely company news to ensure the promptness of information. Meanwhile, more industrial news will be shared in the newly added industrial news to let more clients access the latest information about the hygiene product industry.
2.Health center: the health center will be the knowledge center for the clients. Its purpose is to let more new comers know the hygiene product industry.

3.Newsletter sign up system: Its purpose is to let more clients order our products and receive timely information through our email.

4. Spanish edition: Its purpose is to let more clients (especially from the Americas) to get in touch with us. Unicare has launched its Spanish edition website.

The new upgrade has a clearer outline and emphasizes on the product information and services. We believe we can do better with suggestions from visitors and clients.

For more information, please visit www.chinaunicare.com.